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- December 2013 – If you’ve been thinking about selling your old digital print equipment, now’s the time to act.  Freedom Grafix is looking to buy your old digital equipment and we’re ready to act now.  Sounds like a perfect match.  We are willing to pay top dollar to meet demand for pre-owned equipment before year’s end. This means that the old dust collecting digital printer in the corner of your office is worth more than the space it occupies. You get to free up space plus give some dough back to the company and we get to satisfy our customers.  Sounds like a win-win and a great way to end the year. Call Steve Maloney today at 815-900-6189 or email: for more information.

- November 2013 – For the last several months, Freedom Grafix has been growing, expanding into new markets as both buyer and seller of used digital printing and copying equipment.  As a result, we are looking to buy any pre-owned digital printing machines. This is a great time to up-grade your old machine to one of Freedom Grafix completely refurbished larger capacity machines at great 4th quarter deals. Freedom Grafix is offering terrific trade in deals as well as top dollar on pre-owned equipment. Now is the time to meet your 2014 printing requirements. Call Steve Maloney today at 815-900-6189 or email Steve at for more information.

- October 2013 – October is Halloween month and Freedom Grafix is all about giving out treats in the form of cash for your old and used machines.  We are looking to buy up all your old and used digital printers and copiers.  Whether it’s Konica Minolta, Canon, Xerox or Ricoh, we will buy what you have.  As a matter of fact, the more used equipment you put together to sell, the better the deal for you.  Free up space while also putting $$$ back into the company coffers.  Call Steve Maloney today at 815-900-6189 or email Steve at for more informationand let’s make a deal.

- September 2013 – If you are looking to add a little money to the plus side of your business, why not sell Freedom Grafix that used Canon or that dust-collecting Konica Minolta over in the corner doubling as a storage shelf for other junk that’s taking up valuable space.  Freedom Grafix is looking, in particular, for those two types of machines. Give us a call at 815-900-6189 or email Steve at and let us help you reclaim that valuable space and turn that dust-collector into cash.

- August 2013 – Freedom Grafix is always looking to help the digital printing community unlock money from their old copiers and printing equipment. Right now, we are in the market for used Canon, Ricoh and Konica Minolta machines as well as Xerox. If you find that your unused copier or digital printer is collecting too much dust and taking up too much space, call us today. We will turn that unused machine into cash. Call Steve Maloney at 815-900-6189 or email: for more information.

- July 2013 – We are in a buying mode to purchase Xerox black and white machines – 4595, 4110, 4112 and 4127. This is a simple and easy way to move your old equipment and turn it into cash. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Steve Maloney at 815-900-6189 or email:

- June 2013 – It’s all about color because, let’s face it, nothing is simply black and white.  Color helps to clarify, emphasis and makes those important documents stand out.  Freedom Grafix is now refurbishing the Xerox ColorQube line and is pricing it right for any office.  For more information about the ColorQube or any other used Xerox color machines, call Steve Maloney at 815-900-6189 of email

- May 2013: Looking to sell that used digital printer?  Freedom Grafix is in a buying mode having double the number of used Xerox machines purchased this month over last. Looking to buy? We have a great selection of used Xerox machines from which to choose.  All at terrific prices! For more information, call Steve Maloney at 815-900-6189 or email:


- McHENRY, IL. – Steve Maloney has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Freedom Grafix.  Steve joined Freedom Grafix in May 2012 as Marketing Director, after 25 years of print industry experience.  Steve brings a wealth of knowledge in all facets of digital printers and is ready to assist you whether you are buying or selling used digital printing machines. Freedom Grafix is a McHenry, Illinois-based company located at 4530 West Crystal Lake Road #243 and are experts at buying and selling used digital print equipment.